Arctic Quest
In 2006, twenty-five artists marked the 100th anniversary of Amundsen’s 1906 navigation through the Northwest passage with a journey of their own.
Painting shown is part of the Vancouver Maritime Museum's permanent collection.
Jack Koca
Painting by Jack KocaArtist's statement

Thoughts on climate change in the Arctic: The Arctic trip was an extraordinary experience for me, but I was saddened to see in person how global warming is affecting the balance in the ecosystem and the Arctic wildlife. The main observation that I had was how a diminishing ice pack directly affects polar bears, as sea ice is the platform from which they hunt seals.

Iceberg #5
16" x 16"
Fluid Acrylic on Textured Paper


Jack KocaJack A. Koca has been painting for the last 25 years. Throughout his post secondary education at the University of Lyon, France, he studied colour and the preparation of paint pigments, their application, and effects on various textured surfaces. This sparked his interest in art and the beginning of his artistic career. He attended numerous workshops with prominent artists which helped him develop his unique style.

Jack’s love of travel takes him to various parts of the world, specifically southern European remote villages. He is moved by nature, music, people, relationships and various cultures. This passion provides him with the flexibility to choose subject matters of landscape, still-life and abstract. The intellectual challenge of the abstract world stimulates his creativity and continually pushes him to create new and innovative work.

He has developed a technique and style of creating special textures as a base for his canvas. He works with fluid acrylic and watercolour.

Jack’s work has been juried and accepted by many art groups where he has received many special awards and merits.

From 1985 to present, he displayed his paintings in countless group and solo exhibitions. His last two solo exhibitions were at the Bluff’s and Cedar Ridge Galleries. His paintings are among many private collections throughout Europe, the United States and Canada.

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